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A completed programme is twelve (12) hours and runs over a two (2) week period.  There are four (4) sessions each for (3) three hours. If you would like to know more you can call us on 09 2744220 or register by selecting any of the buttons below.

Content:The object of the programme is to reclaim your identity and direction in life through stories. This also focuses on developing life through trauma e.g. bereavement through loss of love ones, abuse and domestic violence.
Content: This programme supports parents in understanding and managing their children and shares positive ways of handling difficult situations.
Content: A group for people who are wanting to work on/strengthen their relationships with others, e.g. whanau members, partners and that relationships will be discussed using Te Whare Tapa Wha as a model.
Content: The different types of violence. Identifies the source of anger & recognise triggers to violence. Recognise effects of violence on self, whānau and others. Supports and services available.
We will make contact with you once we have confirmed a date for the programme you are interested in.